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Grab handle and cart mod pics.

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So I went to Lowes to pick up some lumber to make sides for my cart and while I was there I came across the handles that someone linked me to in another thread and I bought a set.

I want to post a photo and you can tell me what you think. I am not fond of them being yellow so I am thinking maybe a can of Krylon Fusion in black would do them justice.

Also posting up some photos of the sides I am working on for the cart.

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I wonder if the spray on truck bed liner from Wallyworld would adhere to that plastic...
I would use the Krylon as a primer anyway to ensure adhesion.
I see you used grade 5 bolts so they're not likely to break. The wood sides have a weak spot in the corners being edge screwed. You might want to glue blocks in the corners or screw angle brackets on them. For my sideboards, I cut sched 40 ABS pipe into quarters and screwed them into the corners.

The sides are a little high. What you could do it cut them in two and make pockets to put them back together so you can have half-height or full-height.
Oh, steel drawer handles make good pockets and would give you a place to tie rope through if needed.
I made my wood sideboards four-sided with the rear section sloped to match the angle on the cart. I initially built it to haul leaves before I got my sweeper. Now I use the sideboards to haul brush over to my burn pile.

Mostly I use the poly cart to haul firewood.
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If you look closely, you can see they are not the same. The Brinly is wider and has wheel wells. It also has 4 stake pockets on each side.
She sputters because I have to engauge the "Butt Slider, Ballast" device :)

I need to zip tie that switch to always closed.
Super sensitive operator presence seat safety switch.

Mine is not so sensitive. I can hang my butt completely off the seat with just my left thigh on the seat and the gear selector in an obscene place.
1 - 9 of 47 Posts
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