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Welcome jkape.

That governor looks somewhat similar to the units on our gravelys. It's a little hard to tell exactly what's going on there.

That shaft (axle) does not look right, I'd guess that somebody blew up a bearing and just ran it for a while, wearing an ugly groove in the shaft. The gravely units use a 3/8" straight shaft, you should be able to make one up out of some stock without to much trouble.

I can't see the evidence of flyweights wearing a hole in the case. That can be repaired, but it takes some careful TIG welding.

By the shaft is not straight, do you mean the worn spot? It looks straight aside from that.

The bearing and seal are available. From memory, that's a 7KF bearing, and a stock 3/4" seal. I'm away from my parts info, so not positive. And those are for the units on gravelys, yours could be different. I recommend matching by dimension.

These governors are really pretty simple. The bearings take some abuse, and usually fail first, which takes out the seal. But if you replace that stuff, clean it up, and re-lube, they'll generally work fine.
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