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gots me a david bradley :)

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just got home with it. come with a cultivator. hoods a bit busted in the front underside but all there. of course crappy pics are on the way. :thThumbsU
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Congrats on your new tractor
thanks! and as promised, crappy pictures!


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I'd like to have one of those if for no other reason other than the awesome shape of the sheet metal . Very nice !
I'd like to have one of those if for no other reason other than the awesome shape of the sheet metal . Very nice !
:ditto: Yep, what he said!! Looks nice!! wish I could find one.
ha! thats the main reason i bought it! i want to build a sulky train, so i can haul the crew around. wont probly see real work again.
now to find 6-16 tires...........................
model# 917.57560, can anyone get me a year?
51 to 53 from what i found
51 to 53 is correct. I have one with the same model number. It should have a Briggs in it. Good Luck with it ss12; I know I'll be needing it with mine...
same to you. its all there. but i doubt compression should be coming out the crankcase vent instead of the exhaust. lol. its freaking my wife out, she says its looking at her in the moonlight. thinks its going "maximum overdrive" on her.:fing20:
The old jeep rims fit right on, might find a set with good rubber at the junk yard cheap. They have 5 holes but mount up fine. Ed
One thing I could share with you is that old briggs and continental engines are not worth working on too much unless its still in real good shape. Easier and cheaper to repower with a newer engine. I did that to mine and it works reliably each time I use it.
i'm actually going to tear the head off now, we'll see.
stuck exh. valve, fixed. but i've had help, lol. someone put on the wrong head gasket, put the shroud on the headgasket (instead of on top the head), one bolt is 1" to long so they used nuts for spacers, some have washers, others no. woo hoooo! on a side note, the cylinder looks great!
well i'll be damned, i went to my parts guy today. asked about a head gasket, and ended up with an engine! and fuel tank, with sedimante bowl, and pull cord.
got the new engine running. time for an engine swap. side note. the mags on these KICK! turning it over by hand, it bit me. wooooo hooooo. zesty
did the swap today. and took her for a spin, how cool!
:thThumbsU Awesome news, enjoy it. Ed
thanks. i seen a ride on roller in a picture once. i think thatd be a fun/neat attachment to build. i really dont roll my yard, but would be fun.
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