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Got the new seat!

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I had to have my 2305 picked up again due to ANOTHER hydraulic leak. When they picked it up, I asked again about the piece of crap swivel seat. It has finally had enough use that the damage it was causing was obvious, so my dealer agreed that it should be submitted for replacement. John Deere actually covered it, and replaced my seat, adding the $700 upgraded swivel. It works GREAT! Had to wait a few weeks for the parts to come in, but definitely worth it! Anyone that is getting the run around should just spend a day turning the seat back and forth so it gets all f-ed up, then it will be "obvious" enough to get it covered under what they are refusing to call a recall.
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Could not agree with you more, the new system is fantastic. I did not get mine for free but with my dealer and John Deere we settled on cost-$200. I think they should do that for everybody to compensate us for our pain and suffering.
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