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Got the cubs out

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A good friend of mine came down over the weekend, and we got some work done to #2 100. We replaced the VR, S/G, and now it has wide front tires. Here's some pics.

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Great pictures of the 100's CubCadetAC
I was hoping to see some pictures of you pushing snow with the new one this year, but i am starting to loose hope....
Haven't got to push any with mine either :banghead3
I suppose about the time we put the decks back on we will get a big snow in april. Seen it happen before :thThumbsU
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Good looking Cubs:thThumbsU dont cha love the hydraulics on the one with a blade.
Thanks guys!

Diz, I might have a dirt job for the weekend, but it isn't in stone.

I sure do, Doc! The hydraulic lift is nice!
Looks awesome with the wide fronts! Nothin like wrenchin with a friend on something you're both familiar with. :)
:thanku: For the pictures.Very nice litter of cubs!
Nice pics, I like the duals on the roundfender and hydrolics on the no fender.
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