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I finally broke down and bought a 5 tine long handle manure fork after struggling with a shovel and 3 tine hay fork for years. I was looking for a 6 tine fork but nobody stocks them around here. I could have ordered one at twice the price I paid for the 5 tine but I'm not sure if the 6 tines are closer together or wider overall. I found an 8 tine at Menards but it looked like weak welded wire, not the forged steel tines that the 5 tine has.

I first went over the compost with my rear tine tiller but it's not composted well enough to get all the way through it so hand turning it had to be. After it composts for a while I will run the tiller over the pile, knocking it down and spreading it. Then I shovel it back into a pile and repeat. When I can no longer pick it up with the fork, it's done and I can use it to top dress the lawn.

I've got to come up with a design for a spreader to attach to the back of my poly dump cart so that I won't have to spread it with a rake.
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