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got some seat time today!

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today i drove about 200 miles and cut grass at 2 tower sites plus the office here in town. i normally do this with the L130, but since it is down with a busted front axle i used the X500 for teh first time at these sites. i have to say i think i will use it from now on and either keep the L for a backup or fix the axle and just sell it. the X500 was so nice on the steep hills, no problems at all. the L would slow coming up hill, and some places where i spray i would have to walk down hill and either use a pump sprayer or hope the wind was right to carry the RU to the kudzu. with teh X500 i could actually drive down the steep parts, spray, and then drive back up! i never even had to hit the dif lock, ven with turfs and pulling a 15 gallon sprayer.
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Im considering putting my L120 into semi retirement as a backup mower as well.I just cant decide on the X500 X700 tractors or to go to a2000 series compact tractor.
i lov my X500. i wish i had the money for a 23xx, but the X500 is really all i need. if the time comes i need somethign bigger, many of my neighbors have CUTs and i cna borrow one of them.

i would skip over the X7xx, for not much more you can step into a 2305 and have a REAL heavy duty machine!
The only reason I was looking at the X700s was for the 3 point and I was told the 2305 were not as comfortable to drive
i dunno, many here have them and love them. the general consensus is to spend a little more(soemtimes actually less) and get a better machine.
There sure are alot of choices offerd by JD its nice to have a site like this to help a person research there next machine.
The only reason I was looking at the X700s was for the 3 point and I was told the 2305 were not as comfortable to drive
I went from an X585SE to the 2305. The X585SE was the best riding tractor I was ever on and much more comfortable to me than the 2305. I used the 3PH on my X585SE for disc & landscape rake and used a JBSR instead of a FEL. I went to the 2305 because of the FEL. With the 2305 I doubt very seriously if I ever get rid of it. The way it's built you can fix anything on it and still should around 30-40 years from now. The X700 is built just as well IMO. If you go with a X700 get yourself the diesel. slkpk
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:ditto: , Very well said slkpk !!!

i lov my X500.
David. I'm still wanting to retire my L120. An X320 is all I really need, but I'm thinking the X500 would be nice. How does the turning radius of the X500 compair to your L130? Given I have some trees to mow around, the published truning radius of the X320 is attractive.
supposedly it is the same as the L, but i swear it turns a few inches closer in. and the nice thign is you can turn it with 2 fingers! i don't see the need in power steering, it turns that easily even at a crawl.

the way i take care of my trees is to spray RU around them so i don't have to try to work in close. i have had the intentions to mulch around them for 5 years now, but with over 50 trees on the property i ain't had the time nor the money!

in order to turn an L series sharp you just about have to put both arms into it. with the Xseries you don't. the difference is real obvious when you can get off one and immediately on the other as i could until my L broke the axle again. i swear though, after the LACK OF A WORKOUT i got yesterday i won't use my L anymore.

i have said since i got the X500 that i would eventually remove the L's deck and use it for a sprayer only. if i keep it that is exactly what i will do. but my coworker is looking for a rider and i may fix it and sell to him for 5-600.00 just to help him out. for his property it should do fine.
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