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got new shoes for the ss15

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picked up a set of new but old ags for my ss15. filled with fluid and put the wieghts on today. 8 gallons each. these bad boys got some butt to em. going out to mount em on the tractor now. mounted pics later or tomorrow. :trink39:


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Those ought to do the job.Hard to beat loaded ags.
just came in from installing them. that was a treat! next time ill wait to mount the wieghts. thanks guys, they should dig pretty good. im guessing with the wieghts their about 100lbs each. oh yeeeeaaaahhhhh
yeah that ags are about 50 plus 33 for the weights, same setup i run, cept I have a second set. Nice pics! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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