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Got me a free STX38 question about OTO clutch.

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Got me a free STX38 question about PTO clutch.

Hey my neighbor brought his stx38 to the shop because the electric clutch wouldn't engage. The shop stated that he needed a new clutch and the estimate was around $300.

My neighbor ended up buying another unit so he gave me this one. Ended up looking it over tonight and I noticed that the PTO indeed wont engage the blades.

I get no indication from the switch that it's working ( no noises ) so I started looking at the clutch itself...when I disconnected the plastic connector from the PTO I saw three wires two (2) that run up towards the hood cover...the other (not the same color but forgot what it was) runs about 4-5 inches and is left hanging.

The wire is stripped of it's insulation at the top leaving around 1/2" of the copper exposed.

Is this how it should be or should this wire be connected to something like a ground?

I'm going to look into the clutch further at a later time...I only had about 30mins to spend tonight.

One more thing...if it turns out to be the clutch how hard is it to change?

I only saw one bolt on the bottom pulley under the PTO and was wondering if I just remove that bolt and pull the whole assembly out. I'm not really sure how the clutch is mounted on the shaft.

Thanks for the help.

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Thats for the connection to the Brother-in-Law circuit. You know the one that's always around and doesn't do anything!!!! Sorry just had to do it!! :ROF
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