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got another load of mowers 19 total

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I have been repairing and flipping mowers like crazy this spring and early summer due to the large amount of rain we have gotten. It seems like for every sale I get 1 or 2 trade ins plus the dealers that I get them from will call when they get a bunch. Here is the most recent load, the truck only has 9 in it this time, I had 7 traded in for 1 running mower, and I found a couple lawn boys for cheap and the same person had the plastic deck honda. It's gonna be a busy week around here.


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You must have worn yourself out loading and unloading that bunch! Nice haul.
That should keep you busy for awhile. Im diggin the old front tine tiller. Man those things will beat you to death.
Looks like a F series and a V series for your 2 LBs. Good haul there!
I'm really liking the Honda HRA214 I got it to fire up for a second last night but it killed right away so I will need to go through the carburetor.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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