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I picked up another free partially running Lawnboy mower a few days ago after seeing an ad on Kijiji. This thing is a piece of junk! The deck is rotted out in 2 places, there's no air filter or even a cover for the airbox, there's some dirt in the fuel tank, the blade is chewed up and the only way to shut the thing off according to the previous owner is to yank the plug wire off of the spark plug. There was no fuel in the tank and I didn't have any mixed fuel around so I just took the plug out and drizzled some 2 stroke oil down the plug hole then squirted about 2 tablespoons of gas into the carburetor. A few tugs on the starting cord and it roared to life, then stalled because it had no fuel except what I put in the carb. Since I already have another much nicer better running freebie lawnboy and not really having any grass to mow where I live this probably won't ever get used for anything, but if my brother ever gets the initiative to bulid his portable car battery charger (consisting of a one-wire GM alternator and a lawnmower engine) then maybe it will get some use.

Here's a few pictures I took with my cell phone camera:

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