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Got a ton done on the 2000 today!

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I don't have pics to show because they aren't much to look, at but I got a ton of work done on the 2000 today. The 2000 itself I changed the oil, changed the trans fluid, greased it up, and adjusted the clutch linkage. The rear mounted, mower deck was a different story though. I pulled the two upper covers to access the belts, took the belt off (other exploded and caused this project), removed all grease fittings, bent the feet to original positions, tore off the right side plate, and cleaned the deck up with broom. Before I head over to the barn next I'm going to get two new belts, 7 new grease fittings, sand blast the covers (if they fit), and buy the paint. I also have to fix(weld) a 3-4" crack in the side plate. Once I get to the barn, I'm going to take this big *** wire wheel I have and go to town on the thing. We did the same thing on the 1220 a few weeks ago and it worked great. I'll update you guys as I go. The pictures today sucked but I'll post them later. I'll be sure to bring my digital camera next time so I don't have to use my phone.
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Don't it feel sooooo good when you make head way on a project.
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