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Got a Snapper

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Picked up a Snapper over the weekend at Hamfest for just $10.00!! It is an older model with the classic Snapper self-propelled and a Tecumseh four-stroke engine. Guy said that it "ran last season" and wanted $30 i said ten, right now. i walked away with it and stuck it in the back of the truck. Got it home and put gas in it and it would only run on starter fluid. Pulled off the carb, cleaned it out and it ran on and off. Well took off the bowl and it was full of trash... again. Cleaned it out and finally got it running good. Took it to my friends house to wash it and take pictures/show it off. wouldnt crank... once again with the bowl and trash. Finally got carb cleaner and shot it through the fuel line along with some air. Re-assembled everything and it is still going strong. Not a thing wrong with this mower. It came with a bag assembly and no side discharge attachment. Well i scavenged a weedeater guard and fashioned a side discharge. I am happy with my $10 snapper :fing32:
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You must of went to Shelby?
A lawnmower at a Hamfest!!

Remember the days when all that was for sale at a hamfest was ham gear and electronic stuff?

Paul N3GCA

WOW that is an old one!!

I found one of those at the dump. Engine seized, but i pulled the tank and a few other parts off of it..

We should all get on hf one day... I run a old Kenwood Ts-440 100 watt, inverted 'V' in the attic.. nothing fancy, but able to get the dx stations..

Paul N3GCA
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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