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Got a new-to-me MTD lawn tractor

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I'm starting my new adventures in lawn tractors. I just got a 2007 mtd - 17.5 B&S I/C - 42inch tractor.

I'm learning a lot and will have a lot to learn and share. Hopefully this forum will be a good community to work with.

So far I think my stator is shot, which in turned killed my battery.

I've learned a few things so far...

Removing the flywheel is cake if you use an impact wrench. I had a crappy air compressor (bostitch 6gal, 2HP, black/yellow, 2.8 CFM at 90 PSI with 150 max). I debated hard about whether it would run an impact wrench (I wanted one to use with my truck). I got a decent one IR (Ingersoll rand) 236g for $99 and it works great. Unbolted the flywheel bolt off in less than a second. And with a harmonic pulley puller it removed the flywheel in 3 seconds. The air compressor never turned on.

Now I need help trying to get parts and getting it running again.

My few questions...

I know I need a stator - 696459, but does anybody know where the regulator (790292) lives? I can't find it on my tractor.



Also I'm trying to figure out how the seat safety switch is supposed to work.
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:MTF_wel2: , gmvmtd!!

Take your questin to the MTD section of the forum. I'm sure the members there can give you lots of info for your tractor. There is also the Small Engines section.
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