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Got a new mower

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Husqvarna many consumer reports and had several other friends chime in with about a 50/50 mix of love and hate.

Have I bought a problem machine or is this a good mower?
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Seriously....80 views, nobody has an opinion? Thanks!
It's a question that's been asked and answered many times, but if you want to hear it again, you've bought the best tractor in the $3K price range. It shares some competencies with the JD X500 and the Simplicity Conquest, but it is not the equal of those machines. It is a far sight better than what you'd buy at the big box stores and if you keep in mind it's a light-duty garden tractor, it should give you years of good service. Now, since I answered your question, feel free to post some pics.
I asked the question because of feedback here locally....I was having doubts about my purchase.

I have no idea how many times the question has been asked.....and if I had prior knowledge..I would not have asked again.

I appreciate you answering my question but your reply seems a bit snarky, maybe you're an old timer here but, you can look at my join date and see that I have been here a while....I just don't post very much.

I come here for information and if I can share some of what I know then I do so.'s a pic!


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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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