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Back story... A retired neighbor was moving to town home and selling his 1.5 acre acreage. He had this Hustler FasTrak that he mowed with. It was a great little mower and he was someone to took great care of his stuff. He agreed to sell it when he left. 3 weeks before he was to move it died. He brought it over and tore into and found the plastic cam gears all chewed up. So he gave it to me as was a non running ZTR now. It will be great for my kids to learn on now that my son is getting to an age where he can start mowing. I had borrowed it one time from my neighbor when I had an issue with my JD 318 tractor when I was mowing with it and it sure was a nice little mower.

The Honda engine has about 1100 hours on it and I have decide to re-power it with B&S 19 HP engine. I don't really have the time to tear it all apart to fix, so the repower just makes sense to me when I considered the time and expense.
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