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Got a burn blister on my wallet

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I was at the JD dealer the other day, and decided while I was there to pick up a deck belt (that goes between the blade sheaves) for my X748. I didn't need one, but figured I'd have it in case I broke the one that's on the mower. I certainly hope the original lasts a long time; $75 and change for the belt. I guess because it's the only belt on that tractor, they want to get more for it:fing20:
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Gee KH...thanks for making me feel so much better...replaced the two v-belts on my JD1219 Haybine...only $29.50 and $57.00 and mine were a business deduction to boot...:D
Thats the one belt that I've never had to replace do to wear and tear. If you keep the grass/debris off and keep the spindles greased I would imagine they will last at least a 1000 hours. Those are some well built belts. slkpk
JD belts, at least on the bigger L&G machines, are exceptional quality.

I bought one of my 420s with 1300 hours on it, the deck belt (60 inch) had a dozen bad cracks in it...I figured I would have to change the belt pretty soon. 2 years and 100 hours later it is still on the mower.

Granted they are expensive belts, but they do last. I have used 60 inch decks almost exclusively for the last 6 years and have only replaced one deck belt, and that belt broke due to a harmonics problem I think (bad vibration-broke several spring pins in the driveshaft and the belt tensioner spring too).

On the otherhand, I have a 60 inch Dixie Chopper with 2200 hours, and have replaced the deck belt 3 times. The JDs have thousands of hours on the original belts.
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This IS a stout belt, sort of a double "V", looks like it would work "inside out". I keep the sheaves clear of debris and grease them religiously (I burn candles and chant while doing it). I've kicked the belt twice, from sticks getting trapped while mowing. The last time, it knicked the belt just a little, and that's what got me to thinking about having a spare around, as much as I mow. I think the original has a lot of life left, though.

My GT235 has three belts, and I've replaced all of them once already, and the mower drive belt (PTO to deck) twice, at 450 hrs. I'm over halfway there with the X748, so I wanted to be ready, JIC.
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The belt on my 455 was still good after nine years.I think you are right about being reversible.But you put a lot of hrs on your tractor.
KHodges , I believe these Belts have Kevlar in their construction ... Do you run your Deck with your Belt covers on or off ??? I took mine off the very first day ...

... Do you run your Deck with your Belt covers on or off ??? I took mine off the very first day ...

I also took mine off as soon as I got the tractor home. I learned from the GT235 how bad they pack up.
Mine are off also. slkpk
Oh my god!! The safety police is going to get ya!!:biglaugh: :biglaugh:
itll prolly void your warranty too lol
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