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Got a bit of snow and I can prove it.

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We had some snow here this morning. Just enough to fire up The Beast anyway.
The wife got her second lesson in snow blowing today. The first lesson back when I had the X360 didn't go so well. Evidently having snow blow back in her face wasn't as appealing to her as I thought it was. So here's a couple pics of her motoring up and down the driveway. This was after I had done all the real "work". I didn't want her stealing too much of my seat time. She says that The Beast is a lot easier to use than "that other one". (Sheesh, you would have thought I made her drive a Craftsman or something.:hide:) Normally the neighbor takes care of the snow blowing when I'm gone. The wife lucked out this year. It didn't snow at all while the neighbor was gone for a month. I figured she could just as well know how to use it just in case no one else was available.
There's also a pic or two of the daughter catchin some seat time too. I hope you all are able to get your own seat time. :trink39:


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Very nice! Thanks for the Pictures! :thThumbsU:thThumbsU:thThumbsU:thThumbsU
Good to hear that you had some fun putting your beast to work!
Great pics and good to hear you got some seat time. :trink39::trink39:
Wooly, yep just enought to get the auger going! We had something similar here too Great pics and yes your wife is probably a lot happier without the snow in the face!
GREAT cab!

can't really say I ever saw "good looking" cab, that one sure is!

(o, there is an all glass one here someone built it was good looking as well...)

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Glad you got some seat time. It is great when you can use your tools as they were intended too. Yes, that is indeed a nice cab. Thanks for the pics. :fing32:
At least you got snow. Nothing down here in the cities.

Great pics and glad you got some fun with the family! That is one Great looking setup forsure! Thanks for sharing! :trink39::trink39::trink39:
Glad your wife got some seat time... I mean you got some seat time..
My daughter and I got out today too. Looks like I will have to wake up early to take care of the snow that blew in the drive after I finished today. Just got back in from a little snowmobile ride. Second ride of the year.
That Cozy cab looks great. slkpk
Nice pics, you must live in northern MN - we didn't get any snow here. But tuesday/wednesday they are saying 6 - 12" - FINALLY...
Well at least your wife will be drive yours! MY wife doesn't want to be seen near mine :dunno: Sometimes they can be no fun!! But that means no competition for seat time for me :thThumbsU
I had a few Inch's On Friday Plowed In the Morning Not enough to even Use the Blower it was gone on the Pavement By afternoon. Well since winter Is almost Over and Because Most of Us didn't get a lot of snow I can say I'm ready for spring Tilling to Get Here Just so I can Use My tractors Because they Mostly sat so Far waiting for the 3 0r 4 snow storms we Had In Northern, IL:thThumbsU
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Thanks all for the nice comments. I am on the road and the wife just told me they're forecasting up to 12 inches in this next storm.
I hope some of you out there get to enjoy some good seat time this week. I guess I'm getting good seat time but it's the WRONG SEAT.:crybaby:
Great pics Wooly! Don't forget next time your in Bemidji :trink39::trink39::trink39:!
We got four inches of snow and one inch of slush last night.

I took the pic this morning at 6am when I started clearing the driveway while it was still coming down. The underlayment of slush made traction difficult. I have unfilled HDAP's and usually run with two suitcase weights on my flat concrete driveway. The slush made me use the diff lock pedal quite a bit. I haven't dropped air pressures yet. Somewhere along the line I broke a shear pin - my second in two weeks. Glad replacement is so easy.

Once I got into the street I kept getting hung up when backing up. If I didn't go in reverse in precisely the same path I went forward on the blower would catch the unblown snow and the weight of the snow would cause the rear of the tractor to pivot into the unblown snow. By the time the tires dug down to pavement they couldn't pull the front tires over the slush hump they had created for themselves. I hope you can follow this description. Anyway, I had to use a shovel a couple times behind the rear wheels to give them more pavement traction to pull the front out. It was frustrating but this was an unusually wet and heavy storm. A machine without diff lock wouldn't have been of any use whatsoever. So glad I stepped up to the X500 after initially considering an X320.

I helped a couple neighbors, had my wife fix bacon and eggs for me, and then waited on the city plow to clear the way out. We live on a dead-end street that requires 20 or 30 feet of uphill elevation to get to the connecting road. I keep the X500 in the back of the garage behind a minivan. I usually leave it at the end of the driveway while I work up near the garage doors. When I went to move the minivan back into the garage, the minivan got stuck behind the smallest pile of snow/slush imaginable. Eventually it torque steered sideways onto a spot I had blown clear. Given that experience there was no chance of getting up the road even with my AWD Subaru.

It took me 90 minutes to clear my 50x50 driveway and the street in front to prevent the dreaded plow pile. The falling snow soaked two hats, two coats, two pairs of gloves, and all the way through a pair of snow pants and into my jeans. I would have rather it been ten degrees colder to avoid the melt factor. If this was the kind of snow we got all the time I would move up to an X7 series with a cab.
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Mike, I normally say that any seat time is good seat time but when you are soaked right down to yer undies it takes a bunch of the fun out of it for sure.
You may need a bit more weight hanging on the back. Although, i know that when the pavement is slick even 6 suitcase weights and a cab aren't enough. I almost threw the iron on the wheels during our first snow this year because of the ice that was underneath the snow. I haven't put the chains on yet this year and I'm hoping to get through the year without.
Are you using the 47" blower or the 44" on your X500?

Great pics Wooly! Don't forget next time your in Bemidji !
I haven't forgotten Bruce. I'll be up there when it starts to warm up. I have to get Ma and Pa's house ready to go on the market.:trink39:
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