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got a 212 wanting some aftermarket acces.

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ok i know this is stupid but why not... the 212 is now running and working like it should after doing valves , head gasket a belt and some tweeking on the brake/clutch vair speed setup. So now Im wanting to add a few things just to make my life a bit eazier.... like a cup holder(really a bottle but what ever) and on my 820 I have a steering wheel knob just makes turning the wheel lots faster... so I was thinking about getting a knob for the 212 also but seeing that its no power steering im wondering if it will even help? Ebay has tons of cheap plastic units that would do good on the power steering units but i bet they wouldnt last 10 min on a manuel box so ill get the dealer type all metal unit. Anybody installed 1 on there unit? I installed better lights in the stock holes and went to wally world and got 2 rear lights to replace the stock reflectors. Cant really think of anything else right now other than a larger deck.
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FYI a can of Bush's Baked Beans is the perfect inside diameter for a coozie. I drilled through the can and the fender - bolted it on. threw the coozie in and Wha-la! cold drink of your choosing stays cold and snug.
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