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got a 212 wanting some aftermarket acces.

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ok i know this is stupid but why not... the 212 is now running and working like it should after doing valves , head gasket a belt and some tweeking on the brake/clutch vair speed setup. So now Im wanting to add a few things just to make my life a bit eazier.... like a cup holder(really a bottle but what ever) and on my 820 I have a steering wheel knob just makes turning the wheel lots faster... so I was thinking about getting a knob for the 212 also but seeing that its no power steering im wondering if it will even help? Ebay has tons of cheap plastic units that would do good on the power steering units but i bet they wouldnt last 10 min on a manuel box so ill get the dealer type all metal unit. Anybody installed 1 on there unit? I installed better lights in the stock holes and went to wally world and got 2 rear lights to replace the stock reflectors. Cant really think of anything else right now other than a larger deck.
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I have a Deere cupholder on my 110. I mounted it to the right of the seat on the fender pan. Only used it once but seemed to hold my 440z fountain pop just fine. I also got a spinner from JD as well. It works pretty good for being on a manual steering tractor. I think it helped out a lot last winter while plowing snow. My arms still hurt but lot easier to turn. Just be sure to trim off the excess bolts or you'll be like me and rip a dang good pair of Levi's. I put a Deere seat cover on as well. All pretty cheap upgrades but make it for functional. I hope this helps.
Sounds like you're getting it all set up for what you want! I never did much accessorizing on my older ones, but the 318 is getting the treatment!
Congrats on getting it up and running.

It's not stupid at all to accessorize your tractor. Especially since it's working now, it's time for some bling.

After getting my 112 running I accessorized with a lift, sleeve hitch, lift spring, and box blade. :)
If you're going to keep it you may also want to consider the electronic point replacement kit. I forget who makes them but that's probably next on my 214 after I finish installing the taillights and finish FrankenDeere.
my 820 i did the knob(2x) thanks to a person stealing it when they hotwired it to drag my b and hual it off. they left the 820 about 30 ft in the woods from where they draged the b. I have replaced the lights on the 820 on the front... the round 3-4" deals did ok but I do alot of my pasture mowing after dark so i slaped on a set of hella 1.5x 4" clear fog lights i got off a car at a junk yard. I didnt get crazy when i tightened them so with a good set of leather gloves on i can aim them and thats so nice. this past fall I replaced the 400 year old 5ft bush hog that was about to fly apart... you can only bandage stuff for so long ya know... with a 6ft king kutter and after getting it all dialed in i was able to go from cutting in 3rd to cutting in 5th and was getting a better cut plus the extra foot wide so i ended up trimming about 8 hours off my total time. Also stuck on a new northern tools seat... the cover was trash and the spring deal to help with the soft ride was broke. I installed a old school truck style cup holder that you would hook on the door/window frame... its moded a little to fit on the right fender just above the 3 pt hitch ride adjustment levers, and poped out 1 of the blind plug covers and installed a 12v power outlet/lighter.
now if i could get a cup holder on the lawnmower and a knob i think i could almost enjoy the yard work. the 212 could use a new seat also but they are way to proud of them for me to buy 1 right now. if the seat was nice the 212 would almost look new. I cleaned and painted the motor, frame, body pannels, mower deck, had to repair the fiberglass hood and then painted it. she got blades at the end of last year and with the motor work i did shes looking and running like a new deere. I was asked 2 times when i was gassing it up at the store infront of my house how old it was and they were shocked when i said shes in her 20's.
Bradz how did you mount a cup holder? just like screw it to a fender?
FYI a can of Bush's Baked Beans is the perfect inside diameter for a coozie. I drilled through the can and the fender - bolted it on. threw the coozie in and Wha-la! cold drink of your choosing stays cold and snug.
cupholder mounts with double sided adhesive tape included with it. Seems to hold pretty well.
The Royal Treatment:thThumbsU slkpk
Sounds like you're getting it all set up for what you want! I never did much accessorizing on my older ones, but the 318 is getting the treatment!
did the yard b 4 it got dark so snaped a few pics of the 212 while the ol girl still has new deere look.
the bling headlights

side shot

dusty motor

what a nice rearend (tail lights)

the ugly hinney holder

ok thats all:Tractor2:
Nice looking tractor. slkpk
thaks... its shocking what 5 cans of JD GREEN can do for a old deere. and nope the deck isnt deere yellow... I had a can of OSHA safty yellow so used that... figured that the deck would abuse the paint way to fast to pony up the 8$ a can.
Sweet you have taken good care of it and its taken good care of you !
Just in case you want to make it close I used the Valspar JD original on my snowblower that's in my avatar. It is very good and cheaper than the JD paint!
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