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Question here--, if anyone knows--I have been trying to find a set of Goodyear gatorback belts for my Toyota p/up. I went to Autozone ,locally, where I bought a set in 2008. Still had the ticket--took it with me.
Easy -Right?? NOT!! Can't get them anymore--no such number listed...blah/blah....
I said--They have Autozone listed on internet as place to buy.....

Not anymore--he said--no help...I already checked wth local NAPA and their website--NLA.

So --on-line I go--a few --Rock Auto is one supplier. I have bought from them before and the service and products were good.
Anyway--I type in the parts numbers I have from old ticket--Come up as Continental Poly back V-Belt, now. Pictures look the same as far as I can tell.....No Goodyear--no other ID

What's going on now? If anyone knows--and I almost know the answer..
Most likely a Company consolidation.....

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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