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This is a good generic replacement for the seat strut (gas spring). I found it at Advance, StongArm F4673 (center one in the picture below). It was $11.99, but if you buy two with the current sale flyer, they reduce them $2.50 each, so the final cost before tax was $9.49. It has the same 3 inch stroke, 9.5 inch center to center length and 3/8 inch holes at each end as the OEM. The shaft and gas chamber are a little smaller in diameter than the OEM. Closing force is about 35 lbs. I put it on this morning and it worked perfectly. Since I needed 4, it was a good savings over the $40 OEM gas spring. Does anyone know the closing force on a new OEM gas spring? 35 lbs on this one seems to work well with the seat.

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