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Good shrubs for privacy questions

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Anyone know any shrubs to put in for privacy, Im looking for something thats not going to grow higher than say 6 feet and also that will possibly form a hedge/fence and grow together at some point in the future. Someone has suggested burning bushes but Im not sure if they can be trimmed into a hedge or what it would look like. Any help and pics would be appreciated.
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Lilac or carriganna work good
A burning bush (euonymus) is too "bushy" --they grow very wide and round. I can't imagine it would ever make a good hedge. Your best bet would be either with a yew or boxwood. The yew will stay limited in height by your trimming and a boxwood should stay around 5' tall naturally.
Lilac or carriganna work good

Lilac will do very well in PA. I have them in Indiana and grew up with them in Michigan. They do get woody and the under growth is stumped for lack of ligh but they are my favorite flower.

I have a lot of box hedges. They need trimming 3 times per year. You can keep them low or let them grow high.
They do take a few years to fill in. Texas privit is nice and grows fast and has a beautiful white bunch of berries. They have a larger leaf. I have those in the form of hedges and fncy round shrubs top and bottom. I They need trimmin all the time. Everyother week. Contact a land scape architect or a goo nursery and they will tell you what grows well in your area.
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went with emerald green arborvitaes
I like the green giants, but they will get a lot taller than 6 ft.
:ditto: :ditto:

Lilac or carriganna work good
I cant wait till they grow, the nursey owner said at some point in the future (they grow about 6 inches a year) that I will have top decide to either let them grow high or top them which will make them bush out. Both neighboors are being idiots right now. The guy on the left is making all kinds of comments about how the yard looked better without them and how he will not be able to see across the yard to the next guys house. He had the nerve to ask me if i was going to trim his side for him, what a jackoff. Told him if the branch happens to cross the property line that Ill cut the single branch. The other neighbor is my uncle and he watched me bust my rear digging the 40 holes on that side, 1st day he said go ahead and make a straight line, dont worry about the property line. Next day after evrthing was in and planted, came out all huffy cause 6 shrubs were on his side by about 1 foot. He had the nerve to tell me he called the township and everything had to be at least 5 feet off the line. I was ****** and almost went out that day and ripped them out, but waited and called the township and got the real truth, shrubs and trees can be directly over the property line however if they are either owner can rip the shrub out, so they recommended staying at least 1 foot off. 6+ feet sounds really good right now!
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I think I'd plant it full of green briers. And that is why I don't have no neighbors that close.:goodl: :wwp:
Do you want something that loses its leaves cuz it won't give you privacy year around? Also, do you have a deer problem? If so, cedar is not an option. Juniper stands a chance.
no deer problems yet, i ll get pics tonight, so far ive planted about 60 emrald greens.
Sounds like you need something with sharp thorns........ maybe about 2" long:thThumbsU
The deer will find them..... snow loads will likely be a problem down the road. I'm sure you will end up with Bagworms on them also. they will look nice though
Over here in the UK lots of people use Pyracantha for boundary/privacy. Grows well as a free-standing shrub, but also trains well up fences and trellaces.

Has a good show of white flowers in spring and comes into bright blooms of orange or red (pending on species) berries over winter for birds.

When pruned properley it can look real nice, (though can get very scruffy quite quickly if left to its own devices) while also acting as a good people stopper....lots of long (ish) sharp thorns.

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Lilacs as others have mentioned. I've also had good luck with Rose O Sharon(sp?) although they lose their foliage in winter.

What also may work good is scattering some blackberries or climbing roses along there also. It'll keep the neighbors where they belong. :fing32:
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