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been toying with the idea of a regent but at a price tag of 2600+ still toying. Came across this add in my local craigslist:

Troy-Bilt "Bronco" Lawn Tractor with Kohler Courage Motor and 42" mowing deck. Bought at Lowe's for $1100, will sell for $750 or best offer.

Used for one season, then hired a lawncare company to take care of lawn. New battery and oil change. Runs great; blades do need leveling. Have original manual and receipt!

GOOD DEAL? BAD DEAL? What would be a reasonable offer? and what does blade leveling mean? Just new blade or something else screwy? Anyone know what kind of transmission is in this?

I have an acre to mow and slightly slopes in the back so kind of a concern. Website says this thing weighs a lil over 600 lbs, should stay grounded. Love to hear what you all think. Thanks - A

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Not too bad of a deal, except, I would want to know what is meant by the "blades need leveling". Are they bent from hitting something? (probably not a good thing) Or is the deck itself bent from hitting something? (probably not a good thing) Or does the deck just need to be leveled which is doable with simple handtools. In my opinion, it would do an acre lawn ok, has a belt driven tranny (not sure if it's a variable sheave set up or something else) that's meant to cut lawn, not meant to plow snow, pull heavy loads, pull an aerator, or till a garden.
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