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Good deal on a super?

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Was recently offered a Super for $250; running with no problems. Unfortunately, no attachments included in the price (was kind of hoping for a mower deck). Two questions:

1. What exactly is "super" about it compared to a "regular" suburban?

2. Is that a decent deal? Tractor seems to be in good cosmetic condition as well.
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Super has bigger tires volt guage,lighter ect..Any pics?
EDIT-If it's clean and runs good it's worth it.
Here's two I took off his eBay auction when he tried to sell them a while back; no takers at the time because he wanted to sell it as a package deal. He's changed his mind since:

I obviously have to go and look at it in person, but it's a pain in the arse to get to where he is. Looks like I'll be taking a ride over there this afternoon.

Looks like it had a canopy on it at one point. No too sure what the round thing is on the hood either.
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Looks nice and original.
it has the original seat. i would go for it
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