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Golden Jubilee Running problems

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I have a Golden Jubilee and when I increase the throttle nothing happens until about half way and then it revs up unlimited until I throttle down all the way. It takes it about 10 seconds for it to bring its idle down... So if this happens while I am driving I shut it down to prevent damage. I'm thinking my carb is the problem, so I took it off today and found out its a tsx-241b and I thought these Jubilees are supposed to have the tsx-428... Is this my problem? I may add I just got the tractor running and I am currently working on getting it to work properly.
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So you think its the control arm that the governor is using that sticking... This carb is going up for a rebuild if I keep it... Do you know how similar the tsx-241b and the 428 are?
The linkages are moving fine but shouldn't the governor regulate the engine rpm?
The whole problem was that it has to have the tsx-428... the throttle linkages are reversed compared to the tsx-241b... Why my Jubilee had it idk... but problem solved... Thanks for the help
1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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