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Going to try to ressurect this old boat trailer if I can

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This is the boat trailer that came with my Custom Craft. My grandfather bought it as a replacement for a busted trailer in the early 70's. It's a 1956 Mastercraft Bannerline 750 ( I think ). Title I have is wrong but matches what the trailer is for weight ect...

I was quick pulling the rollers off of it so I could measure and replace them when I notice part of the frame is tweaked really bad. One of the roller mounts is twisted at least 10* forward because it is twisted that bad.. Originally thought, trailer is done for because I can't fix that, but then I looked and all that part does is hold the 2 bunk rollers and the fenders. It is 4"x 2 1/4" stamped C channel. I can't find any so I think that I will get 4x3 rectangle tubing and cut the bottom off at 2 1/4" so that it matches the rear cross beam.. Cut slots to match original and new bolt holes, then it can be painted and assembled as original

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seems like a plan, I use rectangle and square tube to make formed channel all the time since I don't have a large press brake.

I like the '51 Chevy in the background too, I've had a project 2dr post that I've been working on off and on for about 14yrs.
Thanks, I've had the car for years.

I had a chance to pull the trailer all apart and the chain that I was suspicious of that was wrapped around the axle was the culprit to the twist and when I cut the chain, the axle sprung up, and the channel straightened out. I took it all off to prep for paint and it is straight on a level surface.. Evidently my grandfather used the chain to adjust the height of the trailer so it sat lower, but only used one of the 2 chains. I think they were there for that reason, but with only one used, the whole trailer was off balance. I will probably replace the chains and adjust the height as it was, if they were meant to be. The trailer was orange and hunter green originally, but will be teal green ( to match boat ) and white fenders, with Custom Craft logo's
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