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gilson gt18he

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I just bought a gilson garden tractor with a snow blower and the hard top cab cover on it for $450.It seems to slip in high when its cold low seems to work fine. Also when i put it on fast it goes by its self. Any info on this would be very helpful. thanks
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Not sure on year where can i find the year?


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Hi Mcrey. Welcome to the 'world' of Gilson and Montgomery Ward. Sounds like you got a pretty decent package there, especially with the cab.
To start, I believe that the machine info is on the right hand side, just above the foot rest, on the support for the gas tank and instrument panel. Should be on a plate. The engine info could be in a couple places, depending on the engine manufactrurer. My Briggs & Stratton info is engraved in the fan shroud, left side, under the air filter, just below the carb.
If you have the machine info, there is a listing in the Gilson Collectors forum on www.yahoogroups that will help determine the machine year. There are also alot of pic in their files. On the B&S website, the motor info can be used to get approximate age, plus any info they have on that engine, including printable books. The GilsonCollectors forum has a bunch of printable booklets, too.
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