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Getting the 'ol 1254 going

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Hi guys,

I guess I'm starting this thread to get some help here and there for my 1254. I bought a carb kit from tubeframes and soaked my carb on some berryman chem-dip. Just finished soaking yesterday. Sprayed everything out extensively with brake cleaner and carb cleaner. My problem is that I took the carb apart in like September, hoping that I could till the garden before snow. well, that never happened. So, being as I took the darn thing apart so long ago I can't remember where a couple of things went.

First of all, did I get this right? Are the plug and inlet in the right holes?

Where do these go? The camera takes a bad dark picture, but one is a really small pin and the other is a tiny spring.


Where does this go?


More to come
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Is this plug in the right spot?

What do I set this screw at?

This one?

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Also, if my regulator has rusted connections, will it work right? Or should I just buy a new one right away? What is the round thing with the plug wire coming out the top? Condenser? Coil? Should that be replaced also? I'm new to these older tractors as this is my first GT.

Oh yeah, does anybody know where I can get that fuel inlet to the carb? mine has a ton of crap in it and I figured that it would be best to get a new one.
Looks like the fuel inlet is in the wrong spot, supposed to go on the side not the end.
Have you tried any of these guys for parts?
Thanks! that looks like a pretty good source for parts
This may help with where things go and adjustments (see last page at top for adjustments).


Thanks! That's just what I was looking for.

Yesterday I got a stack from TSC. I'll be making a bracket and pipe for that this week. Everything gets permanently mounted after the carb goes on. Does anybody know what those 2 small pieces are from???
Did a little bit out in the shop today.

Do the coil and regulator look like they are in working order? Will they get a connection with all that rust? Or will there still be some good under the rust? I should have taken a wire brush to them.

if not, would this coil work?

I found the manual for it. It looks like the original too! In near mint shape!

Next to an old weathered single page:

Also have what looks to be the original engine manual

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I got a Bolens 1254 myself. Would love to see some photos of your 1254. Thanks
I don't have many pictures of it, but here are a couple from yesterday:

Now, let's see some of yours!
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Great looking tractor the 1254. Yes I will post some photos of mine shortly. Cheers
Thanks! It'll look a lot better when I get it running and working...
I, too, need to get mine up and running. It's missing a fuel tank and need a rewire too. This photo was taken when I took delivery of it; I have since washed it, pumped up the tyres, grease the suspension etc. for some reason it's up side down:dunno:


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I would sand the regulator terminals. For the coil, I would just go on EBay and buy a Beru coil, just search for "Volkswagen Type1 bus coil" and you will see a blue coil for around 30 dollars. Should be a direct replacement for yours, as I have one on my 1000.
Do you think my current coil will work? If not I'll just order that one.
No way to tell, I had good looking coils that was junk, and I had some that looked like junk work great. Test it and find out
There's no way you can tell a coils bad by looking at it.... unless its fried to the point where the plastic top cracked.

You can get a whole kit on epay
Yeah, but the kit is more expensive than just a coil. He already has a bracket and wire, and can buy a spark plug for less than $3 at an auto parts store. Also the Beru is a German made coil that is probably higher quality than the one in the kit.
Yeah, Theo is right. I'm not going to pay 70 bucks for that. My bean walking cash is running out!

Say, I know that this one is used, but would it work? It's cheaper than the Volks one.
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