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Get The Whole Story

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Take a look here for the whole story on the Morrison Restoration by member pcamore. Nice Job!

Technical Exchange article on Morrison Restoration.
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More than just nice... An Outstanding job!!! Absolutely beautiful, museum quality work.
Man, that is awesome!!! He did such a fantastic job on it, better than new.

Great work and thanks for posting the link Brad! :)
VERY impressive. There's a lot of work there. I saw the thread of the completed resto, but I had no idea... I am in awe. no joke. Good Job.
The average person, as well as most of us, would have looked at that deck and sent it to the scrap pile. Some people just have a great eye for the beauty that is lurking under the surface. Superb job and a great story as well!! Keep up the good work!! Bill
Thanks guys, youll give me a swollen head lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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