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@Just Jeff
I have a old Onan 7.5 kw that runs on propane and serves me well for my home. We have oil fired heat/hot water, a 375’ deep well for water, (uses a 3/4 hp 240 volt pump) and the usual suspects for lights, AC and refrigeration and freezers.
7.5 kw is enough to keep the necessities on along with a few goodies.

I might humbly suggest you make a visit to, there are forums for Kohler, Onan and others. I am sure you will get some of the good, the bad and the ugly.
In the Onan forum where I hang out there is a wealth of former ONAN techs as well and gaseous tech, diesel techs and electrical guys.
Very helpful, also in the manual section, again relating to ONANs, are some gaseous installation manuals that have a wealth of detailed information on installation, consumption and comparison between LP and NatGas.

Good luck!

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