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Gear transmission grease

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I have a Craftsman LT4000 ('92 vintage) and the 6 speed Foote/Dana will occasionally stick from second to third gear. It's nothing serious but can be a little aggrevating. All the linkages and adjustments are set to the manual specs. I was wondering if it's advisable to take the transaxle out and split it to add/change grease or just leave everything as is? What do you fellas think?
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i would leave it as is because those transaxles are very picky about the ammount of grease that is in there on mine the shaft that the shifter attaches to seized up and the shifter broke off while i had it apart freeing the shaft up which was a pita i added some grease to the gears and the areas where the shafts that the gears are on contact the case after i put it all back together and tried it out it bogged the tractor down quite a bit had to take it all back apart and remove some of the grease after that it was fine
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