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Gear Oil Recommendation for BX Tractor

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Probably a dumb question, but...

For the MMM gearbox for my BX tractor, my manual calls for SAE 90 API GL5 gear oil in all seasons.

At the auto parts stores, I can only seem to find multi-grade oils like 75W-90, 80W-90, etc. Can I use one of these, or do I need to keep looking for the 90W? What do you guys use?

Thanks a bunch!
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I used the readily available 80-90.
it`s a gearbox, don`t sweat the details.
I'll second that motion....Kubota dealer sold me Tutela Hypoide EP 80W-90.

I wouldn't be too quick to downplay the importance of manufactures' recommended lubes because it's 'just a gearbox'.

Just as with an engine, often a range of viscositys are acceptable depending on the operating temperatures. 80W-90 will flow like SAE80 while cold and like SAE90 once warm and should be fine in the gearbox, 80W-140 however is too thick... just a little FYI.. :)

I too use the 80W-90 for the MMM gearbox. Just remember that gearbox's input shaft is turning at 2500RPM, too thick of oil will build up excessive heat fast!
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Thanks for all your feedback, guys! I stopped by O'Reilly's today and picked up some 80W-90. In general, I try to treat the manufacturer's specification (for any kind of machine/vehicle/appliance) with the utmost respect (I'm a design engineer, too). I probably get a little too anal sometimes. :)
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