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GE Elec-Trak/Wheel Horse Tractors - $2500

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Just thought I let you guys know about this... I don't do much posting outside walk-behinds but I do like to visit other parts of the forum to read. I knew that these are hard to find! But is 2500 really a good price for these!?

Dan B. :smilie_fl
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Adding up what's listed, not counting the value of the extra parts (new and used).....

I'd say it's about right for the whole load.

Depending on what they have for spare parts....could raise the value a couple hundred up to a grand or more.

That'd be my semi-educated guess :fing02:

Now, should I mention this great find to Mrs. Electrak ?? :tsk:

yah, I didn't think so....:hide:
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