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G'day Everyone... I'm from Ontario where everybody around us is flooding... I have a D140 John Deere Utility Tractor. Bought it nearly 5 years ago, and loving it! One of the best buys I bought. I have 15 acres, but only cut 4 of them, and it keeps up to that without a hitch. Looking forward to getting to know you all...
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Welcome aboard. Come for the info and help, share your experiences. Stay for the camaraderie. Hoping you are far enough or high enough to avoid the flooding.:MTF_wel2:
Thanks for the welcome Mike, Great site here. Looking forward to exploring it more. Yeah, the flooding in this area is the worst I've seen it in my lifetime. I'm not flooding, but it is happening around us... Thanks again for the welcome!!:tango_face_smile:
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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