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GB tractor shuts down after 15-20 minutes

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My Great Bend tractor always starts easily (after a period of non use), but after about 20 minutes, it will shut down. Once that happens, i can't get the engine to run again for about 5-6 minutes. Once it is firing and running again, the engine speed doesn't respond in accordance with the throttle. By that i mean, i can put the throttle all the way up and the engine will not accelerate. i tend to have to keep it completely down or the engine will shut off. after about 5-6 minutes of that, it will begin to respond a bit more then eventually be fine.
after another 20 minutes, the process repeats.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
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- unless the temp gauge doesn't work (it's not impossible), it sits around 170 or so. It shows in the green for that gauge.

weak coil
plugged fuel tank vent

with these 2, how do i go about checking them out? I'm a handy guy, but i don't know tractors.
it uses diesel.
It's a front loader (with a backhoe PTO attachment). I don't have the info next to me so i can't give you the model number or anything. I basically liken it to a small farm tractor.
they are built by jinma, but looking around, i can't find anything specific without the model number.
First off, thanks for all the responses.

I know that when we first encountered this problem, we looked at the air intake and it seemed clear. i guess that since the cursory inspection did not reveal anything, that a more in depth inspection is necessary.

i know that i'm not leaking fuel, and the fuel filter appears clean. so am i looking for really tiny breaks in the fuel line to allow air in, or what?

oh and by the way, i have a GB220.
sorry. the gb220 is the front loader portion only. I'll get the correct info tonight.
okay, so i finally looked at the right numbers. I have a nortrac nt-254. The online reviews aren't exactly glowing for this guy. It was a gift, so i can't complain. Do you all believe that it should be covered or in a garage? or since it is a working tractor that it is fine out in the elements.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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