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GB tractor shuts down after 15-20 minutes

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My Great Bend tractor always starts easily (after a period of non use), but after about 20 minutes, it will shut down. Once that happens, i can't get the engine to run again for about 5-6 minutes. Once it is firing and running again, the engine speed doesn't respond in accordance with the throttle. By that i mean, i can put the throttle all the way up and the engine will not accelerate. i tend to have to keep it completely down or the engine will shut off. after about 5-6 minutes of that, it will begin to respond a bit more then eventually be fine.
after another 20 minutes, the process repeats.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
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It's a diesel so there shouldn't be a coil to worry about. Fuel and air would be what I look at. I once had a friend who put his gloves in front of the air filter and they would get sucked into the opening and close off the air. It would release after the engine died. Took us quite a while to find that one.
Check your filters and as said all fuel lines.
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