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GB tractor shuts down after 15-20 minutes

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My Great Bend tractor always starts easily (after a period of non use), but after about 20 minutes, it will shut down. Once that happens, i can't get the engine to run again for about 5-6 minutes. Once it is firing and running again, the engine speed doesn't respond in accordance with the throttle. By that i mean, i can put the throttle all the way up and the engine will not accelerate. i tend to have to keep it completely down or the engine will shut off. after about 5-6 minutes of that, it will begin to respond a bit more then eventually be fine.
after another 20 minutes, the process repeats.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
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- unless the temp gauge doesn't work (it's not impossible), it sits around 170 or so. It shows in the green for that gauge.

weak coil
plugged fuel tank vent

with these 2, how do i go about checking them out? I'm a handy guy, but i don't know tractors.
For the fuel tank vent, as it starts to stumble, loosen the fuel cap. If it clears up, you have found your problem.
The coil is trickier. One way to check if your coil is breaking down as it heats up is to cool it down.
Head out to Staples or Office Depot and pick up a can of air, you know, the stuff they sell for blowing the crumbs out of keyboards and the cobwebs out of your cooling fans.
When the engine starts to falter, or shortly before you expect it to, hold the can upside down and spray the coil for a few seconds. The propellant in the can will be super cold, so keep your fingers out of the way.
If the engine runs normally, you can be pretty sure you're on the right track.
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