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GatorBlade - Which One?

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Long time lurker that needs help. The blades on my Craftsman 917.272059need to be replaced. It seems Gators are less expensive than the actual Craftsmans blade and seem to be liked by many.

I would really prefer the mulching blade, but I am concerned that since it seems to be heavier, will if blow the spindle out b/c of the extra weight.

My blade# is 134149, which weighs approx. 1#8oz. The Gator replacement blade is 95-005, but some websites reference the 3-1 mulching blade 96-900 The 3-1 weighs over 2# though.

Can someone tell me how big of a risk I am taking if I order the 96-900 blade?

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Not sure of the number or gator on my wife's Craftsman, but I put the blades on over 3 years ago without any problems. They are thicker than the OEM blades, so I am sure they are heavier..

Checked the blades last year, and did not have to sharpen them!!:bannana:

Her and I mow about 2 acres once or twice every 2 weeks..I am now looking for gators for my CC1050..
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Maybe I didn't explain too clearly.

The Craftsman blades I have weigh about 1#8oz, the Gator replacement blade 95-005 weighs approximately the same. Both of these two blades are flat edged blades and I guess not truly mulching blades.

The Gator mulching 3-1 blade that have the "teeth", that I consider more of an actual mulcher blades (blade 96-900 in my case) weighs approx 2#3oz.

So, my concern is the regular flat edged blade would probably be fine weight-wise, but again with a flat edge, but if I was to get the 3-1 mulcher blade that weighs significantly more, would these break the spindle.

Thanks again.
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I have had the gators on over 3 years without any spindle problems.
I also have the gators on my 355D , I havn`t had any problem at all.
I mowed for the last three hours of the afternoon and I was thinking of how much nicer job the gators are doing over the original on the 2210. next week I will install gators on the 2210.
All I can tell you is I've been using the Gators for 6 years without any problems, they are a bit heavier than the mulching blades that came with my JD, but so far so good, and they defintley do a better job :fing32:
OK, what I did is engage the blades at a slower engine speed and then when the blades are engaged then increase the engine speed to full speed.
The weight of the blade will not alter the life of the mandrels as long as the balance os not out of whack.
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