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Gator Blade Fit Question

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I have a Troy-Bilt Bronco J609 (13AJ609 G766 37746) and according to the manual I downloaded it requires a blade equivalent to the following:
OEM 942-0616A Link

When searching for a Gator blade to fit this, I found the following:
21-3/16" Gator Mulcher 3 in 1 Blade

The item description says it replaces "MTD 742-0616, 942-0616", which is my blade minus the letter 'A'. If you look at the pic, the hole pattern on the Gator isn't the same star formation as the OEM blades. Will the Gators still fit my mower? I'm new to tractors and have not replaced the blade yet so I don't know what it looks like down there.

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Gator blade aint worth the price you pay for them. I've had both. A mulcing blade if available with an open chamber will do just as good at half the cost.
Its all about advertizing.
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