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Gas tank swap

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It seems no matter how hard I try, I can't get the metal tank on my Suburban clean enough i.e. getting it to not transmit rust into the float bowl. Also, since I have a "new" carb coming from, the last thing I want to do is foul it all up with crap from my..well....crappy tank. So, two questions:

1. I have a plastic tank from a '76 Sears ST10X coming to me soon; dimensions seems to be close to that of the old metal tank. Might be a stupid question, but is there any reason I can't just slap the plastic tank on next to the battery in place of the old metal one and fab something up to hold it there (not sure if the original metal straps will fit and they seem like a pain in the arse to re-attach anyway)?

2. What kind of fuel filters do you guys use? The cheap little ones with the metal screen in them, or the ones with actual filter paper?

Thanks again.
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If you want to solve the problem with the original tank, I've had great sucess with the Por15 gas tank sealer I've used it on atleast 10 tanks without a problem. It not only solves the rust problem but it will stop leaks. On one of my suburbans the tank was missing and I used a plastic tank from a snow blower, I think I had to drill a new hole in the pan the tank sits on because the gas line attached in a diferent place. Then I used the original straps. So either way will work for you. As far as filters I like the clear ones with the paper element. Ed
I've heard a lot of guys have used it, but I've never given it a try. Maybe this is a good opportunity. I've tried the nuts and bolts trick too, but never with satisfactory results. Maybe I just need to use more of them. :thanku:
Put a small magnet on the bottom of the tank ,away from the fuel outlet..all the powdery rust will stay where the magnet is...I used a large speaker magnet on a rusty truck gas tank ,if I didn't put the magnet on it I'd have had to replace the gas filter every week or even sooner..never clogged another filter after the magnet was installed..
Interesting! I'll give it a whirl. :thanku:
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