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Time for a new LP kitchen range. Long story.

As I get older and dumber, I'm finding that I'm leaving the burners on sometimes long after the food is done and maybe even eaten. Problem is, with a bigger pan/pot, I can't see the flame under it, especially the back burners. Yeah, yeah, I know, flick the knob. Except I forget to do that.

> Is there a gas stove with burner indicators like electric stoves have? I know electrics have them because the heat source is not normally visible.
Gas stoves are knob turn, gas on, sparker/ignitor lights the gas. But if for whatever reason the flame goes out, the gas continues to flow unchecked. There is nothing that senses no flame to close the gas valve.

> Is there a gas stove with such a safety feature?
My current unit has a glow coil in the oven that does as outlined above. I think. Turn knob, glow coils energizes and when it come up to temperature, gas come on and ignites. Great. One problem. That glow coil burns around 100 watts of electricity the entire time the oven is on.

> Is there a gas stove that does not burn electric, or burns less while the oven is on?

And if there is, would it cost more or less than 10 grand?

Local big box store could not answer questions two and three and only had one model that met question one .... for over $1,800.00 and no delivery date known.

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First off, stay far away from the big box stores. They are good if you know exactly what you want, but for detailed questions they can often be at a loss.

Instead, go to an actual appliance store where the salespeople are much more knowledgeable about many different products, some of which you may have never heard of. That doesn't mean they aren't any good, just that they may not be known to you. A flame sensor should not be totally unheard of and someone may have it.

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Flaken is right. Go to a REAL appliance store. Meanwhile, stay away from Korean stuff; their quality has gone down in recent years as they continue to seek higher profits now that they have a perception of quality by the consumer. (This from my appliance repairman friend.)

I can answer your questions at the top: I have a dual fuel (gas cooktop/electric oven) Dacor range. It was great quality at a reasonable price for what it has been, these last 17 years. It has indicators that the burners are on. Anytime those knobs are off-detent and there is no flame sensed, the ignitor sparks. And it's pretty loud. There is no "automatic shutoff"; the manufacturer assumes you know what you're doing. Often, gourmet cooks (like my wife was) will move a pot/pan on and off the burner as necessary. Or tilt the pan up to cook meat by the basting method.

If you want something that will turn off automatically, get an induction range. They're the only kind that does.
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