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gas powered air compressor

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it's funny. the other day i was thinking i would like to build a gas powered air compressor. i figured i could use any electric one with a belt. and low and behold i found one on the side of the road. i figured the elec motor was bad. i brought it home, plugged it in and it works fine. went thru about 4 cycles of filling it with air and using a blow gun to empty it. it's a sears/craftsman 1hp. but i already have an elec one. so i am gonna sacrifice this one to build a gas one. now the search is on for a sideshaft engine. does anyone have any suggestions on what equipment i might find that has one? i live in the northeast. so we have all kinds of equipment kicking around at times.
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I once had a gas engine powered compressor that would run wide open and just vent with the safety when it got full. It was by design.

Graingers has the unloader valve you will need, and the cable to hook up to it to idle the engine. If you have trouble searching it out, I will find it for you and post a link to it. Just point your search engine at Graingers.
and did you have any problems with it?
Nope... It was a low end model. Not real fast, but very portable. Had a 3.5 HP Briggs on it. It would pump up to about 120 PSI and then just spit and spit if you didn't use air fast enough.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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