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gas powered air compressor

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it's funny. the other day i was thinking i would like to build a gas powered air compressor. i figured i could use any electric one with a belt. and low and behold i found one on the side of the road. i figured the elec motor was bad. i brought it home, plugged it in and it works fine. went thru about 4 cycles of filling it with air and using a blow gun to empty it. it's a sears/craftsman 1hp. but i already have an elec one. so i am gonna sacrifice this one to build a gas one. now the search is on for a sideshaft engine. does anyone have any suggestions on what equipment i might find that has one? i live in the northeast. so we have all kinds of equipment kicking around at times.
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so that spring loaded valve that appears to be made of brass just above the adjustments for tank pressure won't work? i thought it was so the tank wouldnt overfill. hmmpf. ya learn something everyday.
I once had a gas engine powered compressor that would run wide open and just vent with the safety when it got full. It was by design.
and did you have any problems with it?
well my weekend's pretty full, but i found a snowblower with a donor engine. not sure what size engine, yet, cuz i only saw it on the hill. gotta take the walk to go get it, but free is for me. so it's lookin like monday mornin will be the day. and who knows, maybe i can use the transmission for something. never any wasted parts around here. i will take pics and try to do a blow by blow description.
i'm gettin the donor snow blower today. my buddy came over and saw the elec air comp and was like "does it run?" then i showed him and told him i was gettin the snow blower that worked also. he said he thought i was crazy for "wrecking" 2 good machines. then i showed him the John Deere snow blower and the 220v air compressor in the shop. he asked my why i was building the gas powered comp and i told him "cuz i can". he asked me what i was gonna do with it. i figured it would be great in bone yard situations and when we go out wheeling. the first time he needs compressed air where there's no electricity, he'll understand.
now i'm just gonna have to figure out what i can do with thew rest of the snow blower parts. hmmmmmmmmm
ok there's been a slight revision to the "Gas powered air compressor" saga. i never got the snow blower because i got a hold of a 6.5 hp go-cart engine. it's red like a honda but the name is Dangjong or dangjingon or whatever. i got the engine for $25. it starts 1st pull and is quiet as a mouse. it even came with the centrifugal clutch that i can use on something else. all i have to do now is run down to the local Tractor Supply Co. and get the right size pulley to fit the shaft and i'm in business. i had to reroute the intake line and the guage package to fit the engine, but it should work sweet. i will be posting some pics. i'm going to equip this baby with some wheels to make trips to the boneyard a little easier. i'm even going to post a small vid of it running. wish me luck.
ok so here's the final revision to the gas powered air compressor saga. i gave the engine to my buddy to put on his roto-tiller. now that thing goes like a ***** ape!! plus i get free fresh veggies. mmmmmmm.........
never made the compressor. couldn't find a pulley that would fit. plus re-routing the air intakes was a nightmare. so i gave the engine to my buddy (already said that)and went back to focus on my Craftsman 11hp rider. did the pulley swap and a few other mods. then last night i pulled the tires off the rims and welded them to some S-10 rims. gonna put some meaty snow tires on them and run them on the tractor. was thinkin about finding a harley engine and putting it on the craftsman. and vids or in depth pic of this bein done?
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