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Gas in oil??

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14.5 briggs engine. First thing I did was check the oil and it didn't take long to figure out it was laced with gasoline.

Gas tank was bone dry. This mower has been sitting for months and I don't know anything about it.Other than what I paid for

I drained the oil,and changed it. Replaced all gas lines ,fuel filter and put a shut-off on it.
Then pulled the plug and cranked it over. Allot of gas came out.

Then I put some gas in the tank and started it up. It runs good but was smoking bad while burning all that gas out. Was worried about gas in the muffler but it all burned off after about 10 minutes,,and ran clean.

Since then I removed carb and cleaned,,,replaced needle also.

I have been using the shut-off ever since,, when it is not running ,,the gas is shut off. How can I tell ,,short of ,,leaving gas on and checking to see if gas is in the oil???

This carb has the electric shut off on bottom of bowl,,seems to working OK,,can heard it move with key,,and is free and clean.
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Your needle valve on the carb float is bad, allowing gas to continue to flow when the boul is full. Options...
1. replace the needle valve and seat
2. use the fuel cut off regilously
3. Check / smell oil often.
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