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While I understand that it needs to have a one-way valve to be able to work at any angle, it is still problematic when storing the OPE between uses. The duck bill valve lets air in but not out, so as the air expands while in storage, it pressurizes the gas tank forcing gas into the carb.

What problem it creates, depends on the particular OPE and what position it is stored in. I find some with fuel soaking the foam air filter. Others seem to leak the fuel into the engine. On my mini-cultivator, it diluted the oil causing an over-full condition.

So what is the solution?
Store it so the fuel drips out of the carb? That soaks the foam filter and the surrounding area which then attracts dirt. Not the best for the environment either.

Run it out of fuel before storing? It is not easy to plan out how much fuel to put in the tank so that it is empty just when you're finished using it.

Fill the tank before storing? That would result in less air to expand.

Dump the fuel when done? That would/could contaminate the fuel with dirt so it might not be reused. I thought of sucking it out but then I should have more than one suction gun since not all my OPE use the same mix and I use my one and only suction gun for oil. I suppose I could empty the suction gun into the tractor's gas tank as the small amount of oil would be diluted enough to not matter. There would still be some fuel left in the lines that will get pushed through the carb.

Loosen the gas cap so it can vent out? It is probably the easiest solution but I worry that the wife or I will forget to tighten it on next use. I could loop a string over it as a reminder.
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