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Garden Plow point

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Does any one know if you can inter change a plow point from a brinly 10 inch over to a ohio steel 10 inch garden plow. Thank you
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I've seen lots of plows but never an Ohio Steel one. Its possible the whole plow was made by brinly or it could be totally different. Do you have a picture of the ohio plow?
I've heard of Ohio Steel plows, and have an Ohio Steel cart. Never seen a plow by them in person though, so tough to say.

Mowerguy, did Brinly sell plows under other folks brands? I know the style when I see it, but oftentimes, the tags are long gone. I alwasy just assumed 'Brinly', but woudn't be suprised if they made them for other folks too.
They made the sleeve hitch plows for Craftsman for a long time. One of the local farm stores had a brinly with another name on it but its long gone and I can't recall the name, but it had a red sticker. I've heard of other makes of plows having brinly stamped on the frog or landslide, though the beams were different. Its possible they supplied custom plow shares to other oems.
I can not get to my plow at this time to take any pic. The ohio steel plow has a piece of all thread that was used for depth adjustment.I think ohio steel made garden plows before brinly starting making them back in the 50s and 60s. Also on the ohio steel plow the coulter standard slides up and down in a metal tube in stead of using a u-bolt like the brinly plow. Thank you for your help.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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