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Garage door Locked???

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Just wondering how you guys do as far as your car garage with automatic opener and as far as locking the garage? This mainly applies to your wife and her taking the car out of the garage and using the opener. In most cases i would think it would be an inconvenience for her to have to lock and unlock the door then put it up. You want to have it locked for protection of thieves but how inconvenient would it be to have to unlock it and put it up, lock it back, ect?

I guess its personal preference but I'm just trying to gain insight on these things.
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there is a lock you cna put on the quick release which allows the door operate normaly, but must be manually removed from INSIDE the garage in order to bypass the opener. they sell them for a few bucks, but all you really need is a tie wrap or a short piece of metal clothes hanger to loop around it. the idea is just to make it so someone can reach in with a rod and pop the release.
without windows is harder, but not impossible since the opener connection is generally in the middle. you can't really get the door much tighter at the top, it has to have a little looseness just to open/close easily. that is why they have a rubber seal, to give it air tightness without locking the door against the frame. after watching this video last year, and never having tried it or heard of it before, i was able to get into my garage in under a minute. with just a little practice i could get in as quick as the guy did.

i have a buddy that showed me how to open any car door in under 5 seconds so long as it has a key lock on the outside. yeah, it will mess up the lock, but it gets in with less mess than busting the window.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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