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Garage door Locked???

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Just wondering how you guys do as far as your car garage with automatic opener and as far as locking the garage? This mainly applies to your wife and her taking the car out of the garage and using the opener. In most cases i would think it would be an inconvenience for her to have to lock and unlock the door then put it up. You want to have it locked for protection of thieves but how inconvenient would it be to have to unlock it and put it up, lock it back, ect?

I guess its personal preference but I'm just trying to gain insight on these things.
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oh ok, i was thinking it would open as mine do. I don't have an automatic opener on the mancave 8x7 door. I thought with the automatic opener it would be the same way.

I'm thinking if i dont get any auto doors opener, would it be a hassle for my wife to put the doors open and close. The guy at the place said the doors are easy as heck to get up and down. I guess I'm thinking of the convenience of when its raining and such. But i guess i will just probably see how it goes first and later on down the road if i have to add openers i will but not right away i wont
Okay, I see now. We went several years before we added ours. It did go up and down easily. Problem was hard rain and real snowy that the wife didn't like getting out to raise the door. The door should have a keyed lock that you access with the key from the outside, just like you front door. Lever on the lock on the inside will lock and unlock from there without a key. Just push the lever. :fing32:
How much the Door springs are wound will determine the weight you feel when opening or closing.
yeah if i dont put the openers on I guess it would an inconvenience when it rains but **** thats life right lol. I mean cause I dont want to take a chance and not lock them at nites and then it gets broken into. I mean I at least dont wana make it easy for them.

sounds like an auto opener would be the way to go later on down the road and that way i wouldnt have to worry about locking it at all.

I don't think my Amarr garage doors came with a key thing for the outside of the door and opening it from the outside.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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