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G6200 HST overheating?

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Picked up this unit at auction for a fair price, changed all fluids and filters, ( and belts, after they broke). Runs and cuts great till it boils the coolant out!
I took the thermastat out, tried again, still overheats. Any suggestions on what to try next? Water pump?
I also have the frount blade but no attachment bars. Does anyone have pictures of the assemby that I could fab something up?


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I have a G1900 with 1600+ hours on it. My only experience with overheating is due to dust and debris in the radiator. You can mow green grass all day long with no problem. But mowing in dry conditions can require me to have to clean the radiator several times in one mowing. It is not the dust so much but the chaff from cutting dry grass. I usually keep an eye on the temperature gauge, and head for the barn when the temp gets above half. I usually use compressed air to clean it up, but I have also used a water hose on occasion. Does you radiator have a screen in front of it??

Hope this helps. If you are cutting dead, dry grass in dusty conditions then you can anticipate radiator plugging. If you are having this problem with green grass, I guess I would try to thoroughly clean the radiator, taking care not to bend the fins. If that doesn't work, I would go to a radiator shop.
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In looking at your pictures of the G6200, I cannot see how you access the back side of the radiator for cleaning. This is where the debris accumulates. My G1900 has a removable metal screen against the radiator on the back side. This screen catches the larger pieces of chaff. The perforated cowling under the steering wheel also is removable to access the radiator for cleaning. But you have to remove all the cuttings and chaff from the backside of the radiator, or it'll quickly plug up again.

Hope this makes sense to you. If not, let me know. Maybe somebody with a G6200 can provide more input.
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Sixbales, Thank You.
That is at least part of my problem. I have no screen. I flushed a bunch of chaff out of the fins with water. Looks like someone has done solder repair work to a large section of the fins. It still runs about 3/4 gauge cutting tall grass but cools down quickly now when blades are disengaged. Might have to pull radiater out to inspect closely.:thanku:
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Clogged/restricted radiators must account for 90% of the overheating problems reported here.
If you've still got the thermostat out, take the rad cap off after you've just started it up and observe if you see fluid movement. If so it's safe to assume that the water pump is working. I would recommend to replace the thermostat w/a new one. These diesel's run alot better and more frugally when they operate at their designed temp.
I purchased a long wand type air gun that I connect to my air compressor that reaches way down around the fan and gets to those spots you can't reach and the 1st time I used it I couldn't believe the debris it blew out of the cooling fins. And here I thought I was keeping it clean before.

You may want to check out the cooling fins on the HST and make sure theres no debris built up there either. Grass clippings have a way of collecting just where you don't want them too :D
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These are very nice machines and deserve what ever it takes to cure this problem. There is a very good chance that your radiator needs a new core. The water that is available in some parts of this country is terrible. It can destroy a radiator in just a few years. I would pull yours out and have it checked. When you get the problem solved your going to like our machine.
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